Monday, August 19, 2013

Professional Pictures!

Instead of the usual Monday Mashup (because I still need to figure out how to get my pics from my new iphone to the computer) I'm excited to share our professional pictures! We had these done on Conrad's 9 month birthday and they are fantastic! We were very fortunate that someone Sean was friends with in high school turned out to be a professional photographer. She did an amazing job! Here are some of my favs:

My handsome boys!

Those teething necklaces are great!

Love this one!

I'm probably biased but I have an amazing family! We had such a great time taking these. We went to the center of our town  and it was the perfect setting with lots of different options. It was cloudy the whole time and towards the end I thought for sure there would be hurricane-like storms but the weather held out long enough for us to take some great pictures. If anyone needs a great photographer in the DC-metro area, let me know!