Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy 4...and 5 months Conrad!

Yes, I have a lot of ground to cover here. This little one is not so little anymore! The past three months have been absolutely amazing as far as Conrad’s growth and development. We’ve seen him turn from a screaming, GERD-hurting, ear-infection burning, difficult to feed, no-sleeping baby (albeit still very cute) to a rolling around, sitting up, GERD almost gone, HUNGRY, laughing and interacting baby. THANK THE LORD. Those first three to four months were ROUGH. It took us a while to find the right formula, get on the right medications for his GERD, and a couple trips to the pediatrician for ear infections for us to finally have a happy, content baby. However, despite all the difficulties (and post-partum depression), I am SO happy to be Conrad’s mom and I am thankful every day for being chosen to be his mom. When times got hard, I kept reminding myself of something my mom used to say: “God doesn’t give you anything He think you can’t handle.” And I totally believe it – God gave us Conrad because He knew I would be patient and able to come out on the other side without being totally defeated. It also forced Sean and me to work as a team and as a result, bring us closer together – which we absolutely needed in our marriage.

Dear Conrad,
Mom and Dad can’t BELIEVE how much you’ve grown and how fast time flies. In a week and a half you’ll be 6 months old. We remember back to when you were a newborn and constantly crying, thinking, “when will this phase end??” And while I’m glad for your sake and ours that you are now a happy healthy baby, I am also sad that time has passed so quickly. You can now sit up on your own and have no need for the baby Bumbo seat (plus your legs are too fat!). You can now eat bananas, apples, green beans, and rice cereal – and you love it all. A LOT. I’ve never seen such a hungry baby!!
You have been rolling from your back to tummy for a while which makes falling asleep in your crib much easier at night – you just roll to your belly and fall right asleep. You’re just now learning to roll from your belly to your back and it’s so neat to see you try – you are so strong! And you love your bouncy seat that Grandma and Grandpa gave you – you’re legs are so big that you love trying to stand up on your own.
And you’ve found your voice! You love to talk and scream and LAUGH. Your little laugh, especially when it’s a big laugh-out-loud giggle is the most wonderful noise Mom and Dad have heard. And we love your little dimple in your left cheek when you smile.
We hope you continue to grow and thrive and get even happier day by day…and eventually sleep through the night.
Love you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy