Hi. I'm Elizabeth. But you can call me Elizabeth (no, seriously, for my whole life people have been trying to call me Liz, Beth, or otherwise, but trust me, it's Elizabeth).

I am a mother to a sweet three year old boy, Conrad:

My newest baby boy, Prescott:

wife to Sean

daughter and sister, runner, wine-lover, reader, writer, housekeeper, dry-cleaner, taxi driver, cook, playmate, accountant, and hostess. Oh yeah, and I have full-time sales job on top of that. Womp-womp-womp. Things get pretty crazy - can you see why I'm a "wine-lover"?

To learn more about why I started this blog, read here. And then if you want to see pictures of an amazingly cute baby, hear my rants and raves about being a new working mom, and read about lots of random things, keep coming back!

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