Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Well Hello There!

So yeah, it's been a while...

Let's face it, being a working mom is not easy folks...duh. Finding the time to post things is HARD because of course all your free time when you're not working is spent with your kid (minor details here). But I recently decided to take the plunge and made the decision to "quit" Facebook (although lez-be-real this is not permanent, I've done this before - I just had Sean change my password so I can't get in - sad, right?). I just found myself wasting waaaayyyy too much time on it and there were too many political posts, articles, ads, and links to stuff I just don't care about. I found myself scrolling until I found pictures of people I'm still interested in (but can see these on Instagram!) and the rest was just fluff.

This is a round-about way of saying I'm picking up the blog again so that my friends and family who aren't on Instagram can have a way to still see pictures of our cute little guy and keep up with what's going on in our family. So, here's a quick recap of what we've been up to:

Yep, that happened! Baby Mc # 2 is expected to arrive Thanksgiving day! We are so excited to welcome this new addition to the family and can't wait to start working on the new room, break out all those old baby clothes and toys, and introduce Conrad to his baby brother! 

One of the best parts? Five of my good friends are also pregnant and we are all due within three months of each other! Maternity leave won't be so lonely this time around and I'll have fellow sober peeps to hang out with!

My main man is getting SO BIG...I can't believe he'll be three in October! And he's starting pre-school at the end of August (wahhhhhhh). Time is FLYING by!

Conrad is still pretty tall for his age and likes to act like such a big boy - we are in the midst of potty training (almost there! any advice for getting them to go #2? he's nailed #1 on the potty but can't seem to get past going #2 on the potty!!)

With my work schedule super crazy, Sean traveling for work a lot, and a lot of other family stuff going on we are just trying to relish this summer together before becoming a family of four!!

Time: PLEASE stop going by so fast!