Friday, November 15, 2013

Feels like Fall

 When we bought our house one of the biggest things that attracted us to it was the huge yard and the abundance of trees. They provide great shade in the summer, privacy from our neighbors, beauty to look at...and lots of leaves to rake. I'm talking TONS of leaves. My husband and brother in law spent an entire Saturday blowing and raking leaves and it looks like they only did about a quarter of what needed to be done.

And we discovered that our little man LOVES his backyard and "helping" rake. We of course had taken him in the backyard tons of times to swing and carry him around but now that he can walk on his own he loves trampling around in the leaves.

What a good little helper!

 The Land of the Leaves!

Love dressing up in fall layers!

Fall play time at the park!

Is it beginning to look and feel like fall where you are?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

This week I'm thankful for my mother-in-law, Jessica. 

Yep, that's right, ladies! I love my MIL. She's probably the most selfless, caring, thoughtful person that I know and I strive to be like her! She's also an awesome cook and so creative! She's been an enormous help this past year with Conrad; despite having children 30 years ago, she is so knowledgable about current baby/child raising! She takes the time to research about foods, illnesses, allergies, toys, products, you name it! After Conrad was born, my mother spent about a month with us and then when she left, Jessica came.

I don't know of that many girls who could stand (or want) their MIL around for a month or more, but I definitely appreciated the help and support. Thanks, Jessica for being the best MIL!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ring! Ring! Anybody Home?

Yes, I recently fell off the face of the planet...for about a month and a half. I have no excuses except that life got in the way. There's LOTS of fun things happening in our household, including THIS GUY who is now WALKING! For the past month Conrad's been taking some tentative steps on his own here and there but this past week he is all out walking - no hand holding, no walker-toys, nothing! We are so proud and a little sad surprised it happened so quick...our sweet one is no longer a baby!

Work has been CRAZY! I'm booked out with clients all day every week which is a good thing but it sure is tiring. At night when I come home from the office or appointments with clients, I spend time with Conrad, cook/eat dinner, put him to bed, and then get right back to work. I appreciate my job to the fullest but it sure is exhausting!

We went to some beautiful fall weddings in NY this year - an especially gorgeous one was for Sean's cousin in upstate NY:

Halloween of course came and went and we had a cute little lion on our hands! Our neighborhood had a potluck block party, our first since moving here, and we met some great neighbors and showed off our little animal. Then we raced back to the house to meet the trick-or-treaters, but it started to rain so we didn't get many.

~~~ sorry, this pic is the best I could do as we forgot our camera! ~~

And now...Thanksgiving is almost here! I feel bad for this holiday, I think it always gets the shaft. There's already Christmas trees up at some local shopping centers and CHRISTMAS MUSIC ON THE RADIO. I'm sorry...what?! Here's what I have to say about that:

Morbid, I know, but it is entirely suitable for this situation at hand. Can I please enjoy my turkey first?

So, lovelies, that's what I've have been up to in Working-Mom land..not too exciting, I know, but that's life nonetheless. 

Hope everyone is well and ready to enjoy some pumpkin (or apple or pecan) pie!

Attempting to keep it together 24/7,