Saturday, December 15, 2012

7 and 8 Week Catch Up!

This Mom has been negligent in posting Conrad's 7 and 8 week pictures as we've been very very busy! For Thanksgiving, we were away at both grandparent's homes from that Wednesday through Sunday and then this past weekend was Sean's 30th birthday so I was busy planning that party.

So here's Conrad's 7 and 8 week old pictures:

But in even bigger news, last week was his 2 month birthday - this maternity leave is flying by WAY TOO FAST!

Attempting to keep it together 24/7,


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

So, you may have guessed it, but this Thursday I'm thankful for this guy:

Despite the lack of sleep, showers, and adult interaction on a daily basis, I can't imagine my life without Mr. Conrad Cayce. When he smiles like this it makes my heart swell so big! I am so thankful for a relatively easy pregnancy, and despite its complications, a safe birth. I'm thankful for the doctors and nurses that brought him into the world and our family that supports us every day.

We love you Conrad! And because I couldn't resist, here's a couple more:

Attempting to keep it together 24/7,


Monday, December 3, 2012

Day In the Life of an 8 Week Old

If anyone talks about how their newborn baby is on a"regular schedule" they are either:

a.) lying/delusional
b.) genius - if so, please share your secrets and write a book about it (as if there aren't enough)

Yes, there are some things that are routine (i.e., feeding, sleeping, crying, awake time) but they are never on schedule. Ever. As in PLEASE don't try to set your watch by my child.

Yes, people kept saying "watch out, you'll never sleep again!" when referring to a nighttime schedule with the babe, but that actually isn't our problem - it's daytime sleeping! This kid is so unpredictable as to when he wants to feed, sleep, cry, or be awake that it is maddening. Sean and I love having a regular routine but that all goes out the window when you have a baby. At least for the first few months.

And then because he loves car rides and being out, that's a totally different day. For instance, today we went out to visit Daddy at work to have lunch and ran errands. We got home around 3:00 and he's still asleep in his car seat next to me! 

If we are home all day it's different. Plus, with Sean's different shifts, who does what and when changes as well. Here's not a typical day but kind of what can happen for Conrad and me during our days. Sometimes.

6:45-7:00am: The day starts - although did it ever really end? He's calling for us (loudly wailing) from his crib. I direct Sean to the bottle of pumped milk and he feeds/diapers Conrad while I try to get some extra sleep. Hopefully Sean can get him to go back down to bed, otherwise Mommy must get up to entertain the little one so Daddy can go to work.

7:45-9:00am: In an ideal world he will have gone down for another nap so Mommy can get some shut eye and/or take a shower. If its Sean's late morning to the clinic then he takes him until 10am so Mommy can have coffee and breakfast too.

7:45-9:00am: It's not an ideal world and it's Sean's early morning at the clinic so I rock him, hold him, sing until he falls asleep in my arms. I slowly walk to the crib and put him down. Pray.

Falls asleep, I rush to pump. He wakes up.


9:00-10:00am: Decide we're up and at it for the day and there will be no such thing as naps. Another feeding and diaper change for the little one. Usually around this time he is more peaceful and happy so we play on the play mat, dance around the kitchen, sing songs on the changing table. 

10:00-???? sometimes 12pm: Another feeding. Diaper change. Attempt to nap. He cries, I pick him up, sooth him, attempt to put him down again. He seems to be good at this game. He's clearly winning.

12:00pm: Little one says no nap! Go on a walk. He immediately falls asleep.

1:00pm: Home from walk. Leave him in his car seat to nap as he's super peaceful and cute - makes adorable faces while dreaming. He has me wrapped around his tiny fingers. Pump while I can and do normal people things like go to the bathroom and eat something.

1:45pm: He's up! This is another good time of day for him. Feeding, diaper change, play time on the changing table. He'll usually like his play mat at this time too. Sometimes his swing or vibrating chair while checking out the backyard through the windows. Mommy does more normal people things like empty the dishwasher, and laundry while he's entertained.

2:00pm-3:30pm: No longer entertained by himself. We sing and dance around the kitchen, read some books, he lays on my lap while I excercise his legs and generally make a fool of myself for his enjoyment - its worth it to see him smile.

3:30pm: Another feeding and diaper change. Attempt to put to nap. He cries. Try again. Repeat.

4:15pm: He's asleep! Normal people time! Answer emails, return phone calls, pump, figure out dinner.

5:15pm: He's awake! Baby time aka singing, dancing, shushing, diaper changes, etc. Hopefully Daddy's on his way home from work now if its his early day. If not, Mommy looks at the clock and wishes it was his early day.

6:30pm: Feeding, diaper change. He's calm so wrap him in the Moby wrap so I can eat and clean up. If Daddy's home now then he can take Conrad for a while. It's Sean's late day so no such luck. Walk around with him attached to me picking up stuff from the day, work on blog posts (such as this that I started 2 weeks ago), catch up with my sister on the phone.

7:30pm - 8:30pm: Fussy time! More singing and dancing around the kitchen, rock and hold him while I catch up on Real Housewives - hate them all because they have live-in nannies.

8:30: Daddy's home! Let him at least get something to eat before passing him off so I can get the bath and nighttime bottle ready.

9:00pm or so: Bathtime! He loves this, it's nice and warm, he gets to stare at himself in the mirror, and he smells good again (rather than like milk or spit up).

9:30-???: Feeding, diaper change, attempt to put to bed. We're working on getting him down and asleep by 10pm. "Working on" used loosely.

2:30-4:00am: at some point he'll call for us to eat and have a diaper change. Luckily he goes right back to sleep and then the day starts all over again!

Pretty crazy, right? However bad it eems, it is all worth it; I wouldn't trade these 12 weeks at home with him for the world and I would gladly stay at home with this schedule any day just to be with him. But now I must go as someone is calling (screaming) for me in their crib after a 15 minute nap.

Attempting to keep it together 24/7,