Sunday, January 31, 2016

Prescott Two Months

Dear Prescott,

Whew, this last week of your  two months has been quite a scary one! At your two month check up you had a cold - so the doctor said - but were otherwise ok. However, the next day your breathing began to get worse so Daddy called the doctor and you were wisked away to the ER and subsequently the hospital for the next 3 nights. Diagnosis: RSV. Your poor little body was struggling so they sucked all the gunk out of your nose and put you on oxygen. Then you and Mommy waited out the snowstorm in the hospital - what a weekend!

You pulled through like a champ and then it was a matter of figuring out how to get home - there was a blizzard on our second day there and we couldn't leave. So we had to wait it out an extra day before anyone could come get us. Daddy couldn't get out of our neighborhood so Marcus had to come pick you and me up and take us home. Once home we commenced nasal spray, steam showers, humidifiers, etc. and you are slowly on the mend.

Since we had such a debacle we didn't get two month pictures so here's some from your hospital stay

We are so happy you're on the mend and love you so much our brave, strong boy! You smile so much are so happy all the  time that it was your lack of dimples that originally clued us in to you not feeling well. I know I'm biased but you're about the cutest baby I ever did see!

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