Monday, June 17, 2013

My Main Man

Just in case you forgot, I'm re-Introducing my little love:

He was 10 days early, the first three months were the hardest in my life,  I haven’t slept past 7 am in over a year, and I still don’t have my pre-baby body back yet but IT IS ALL WORTH IT!

My nephew, Brayden, was born the year before, on August 6, 2011. He was SO adorable, so sweet, and I was hooked.

My sweet nephew, Brayden Thomas

By the time I got pregnant in January of 2012, I was SO nervous that I wouldn’t love my own baby as much as I loved my nephew. Ha. Not even close. I love Conrad so much that now I’m worried to have a second child, in fear that I won’t love him or her as much as my sweet bug. This is now my excuse for waiting five years a couple years to have another; if it were up to Sean, we would already be pregnant again. Clearly he doesn’t remember those aforementioned horrible first three months with a newborn.

Conrad is no longer that screaming three month old but a happy, energetic, playful, smart, and loving eight month old. Each morning seeing his smile when I get him out of bed is the best way to start my day and cuddling him in his rocker before bed is the best way to spend the night. Sure, we still have our bad spots (for instance, when the teething monster is in town) but they are ALL WORTH IT! Seeing him develop each and every day makes this mom proud. I cherish each passing day and I’m excited for the future yet wish time would stop. Do all Moms feel this way?

I love this little man!

Attempting to keep it together 24/7,

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