Thursday, November 26, 2015

Prescott's Birth Story

Unlike Conrad's, Prescott's birth story is (thankfully) very uneventful. Since it was a scheduled c-section, Sean and I arrived at the hospital on the morning of November 20th at 630 am ready to rock and roll! I must say it was very odd to know exactly when your baby would be born. It was also very strange to walk yourself into the operating room and seat yourself on the table!

This time around I was much more sore afterwards but not as tired and less stressed - probably because I knew what to expect. And this time they let me hold him right after which they didn't do with Conrad.

A few hours later my in-laws came so that Conrad could meet his new baby brother. We had bought him a transformer "from Prescott" and Conrad and I had gone to the store the week before to buy some things for his baby brother so they were able to "exchange presents". Conrad was then very enthralled with his new Transformer and didn't much care for the baby after that. Which was probably a good idea since all of the family was focused on Prescott.

We had a photographer from the hospital take some pictures right there in the hospital room which was awesome! I'll definitely share those later.

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